Sunday, 22 March 2015

A weekly Summary - 3 rides thanks to Virgin WiFi issues

So let's look at last Sunday and a fantastic ride on my 29er. Here's the route, then a video and some pictures. When this track is dry like it was that day it's simple the best bit of unplanned offroad round here. In short a smashing ride. On the way i found a geocache I expected to and one that was a complete surprise which I may have passed at least 20 times without seeing it!

What's that in the tree half way up the last hill of Brigstock Bumps?

Ooh it's on a tapemeasure

My word a geocache

I never get tired of the Llamas at Rushton

The next ride to talk about was yesterday's club ride with C&DCycles CC. This is still the most important ride of the week because it's where we recruit new members. Clubs are funny things; people come and go, little cliques start, some people are encouraged, others are discouraged and not much of it makes a lot of sense. Many people I thought would always be in the club now don't ride with us and new people have come along that I feel the same way about.

Not wanting to mash my legs off I went with the banter bunch this week. It's a very mixed group and patience is required at times. We were led by Andy with Nat tail gunning the route was created by Jonesy and he was also in a good group. We had a detour at Clipston which you will see on the video and we had a near miss in Rothwell which sadly you won't. It really does disappoint me at times that the next 30 seconds in a car drivers life appears to be more important to them than the whole rest of mine. I do hope the impatient driver who started overtaking us and then tried to turn left through the middle of the group learns not to be a twit in future. As a result Heather and I collided and luckily neither of us fell off.

As far as fitness, training and preparation for the epic 200 miles Dawn til Dusk ride go, Sunday was a something I really needed. Great group riding, good banter, lovely route and good leadership by Steve. The highlight of the ride was introducing everyone to Tabassco Jelly Beans. Some people liked them others struggled!

Nat tries Tabassco Jelly Beans - she struggled!

Glynn has some interesting on ride nutrition ideas...jelly!

Nat has another bean, still can't cope...Steve has had 8

Spring has sprung!

There's a few things common to us lycra loonies: we all want to be faster, ride further and climb better and then we also want more bikes! This caught my eye back at the shop. I need to work out how I can get it!!!

Right there's lots to do and it's nearly ironing time so that's all folks.

Happy Pedaling

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