Sunday, 19 January 2014

piddle poor preparation prevents perfect pedaling

Or how to ruin a good ride!

Ok so I set out to ride some more of my favourite roads, it was dry, sunny and there was little wind. Then coming up the cat 4 hill into Scaldwell, I heard the intermittent hiss of doom...SSS-sss-SSS. I stopped in the beautiful village and pulled off my front wheel. Then I discovered one of my two spare tubes  was in fact useless (serves me right for being a skinflint and repairing instead of buying new tubes,) but no matter the other one was fine. A kind citizen of Scaldwell brought me out his track pump to save me using the mini pump and swiftly back to 120 psi all appeared well. The chap took his pump home and I put my kit back in the bag. Uh-oh! The rear was flat too! No spares left, no puncture kit - dufus! So I called my wife and sat by the phone box next to the domesday plaque. Scaldwell really is a lovely village but it does lack a pub! When I checked Strava I'd got 4 PRs and a load of 2nd best times. Seems I was having a great ride. Guess whose buying 3 spare tubes tomorrow?

Lovely place to stop...

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