Thursday, 2 January 2014

First post - confessions of a Mamil

I've always liked cycling. I've had a road bike or a mountain bike pretty much all my life barring early kids bikes and of course the iconic 70's Raleigh Chopper. 2013 though was different. I met a bunch of people through the C & D Cycles bike shop. A few months before I met them in May, Andy Ferguson, the shop manager, started 'shop rides.' These differ from club runs you'd get in established clubs because there's a ''no man or woman gets left behind," policy. The shop rides have grown and we are on the cusp of forming the C & D Cycles club. For me personally this has taken me from an occasional rider to a regular rider and I've  switched from doing the odd charity ride, to riding in Sportives. I've also gone from trying to persuade friends to ride with me to meeting new friends who ride.

So why have I started a blog? Well I want to record the rides I do this year in one place. Northamptonshire is not renowned for cycling but the truth is it's great here. We don't have massive hills but what we do have is beautiful rolling countryside and a shed full of quiet country roads. I'm hoping in the summer to get some good pictures taken with an aspiring photographer, to find and share new routes and promote cycling in our county and beyond.

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