Sunday, 5 January 2014

Lovely ride out to and round Eyebrook reservoir

I planned a longer ride today but a touch of frost and the residual jitters from coming off and eventually snapping my rear derailleur last week meant I decided to wait a bit before venturing out. I had in mind that since ruining myself on the 3 counties sportive I had some demons to conquer and these particular demons reside around Eyebrook Reservoir. As the blog title suggests, I do go beyond Northants and today I briefly touched Rutland. Some great hills, notably Dry Stoke coming up from Eyebrook, Cottingham and Ashley Hill. I touched the base of the infamous Rocky Hill, which, I agree with many to it being a tough test but I find it disappointing where you end up as there's no choice but to join busier roads around Corby. I also managed to get some pics today, they're not great due to it being dull but I hope it catches the flavour of the ride. To be fair some of the villages are so pretty with amazing features I could've spent my whole time snapping and not getting on with the ride. My route deviated just before Gretton and I paid an unintentional visit to Caldecott, the pictures will show you why.

By far the nicest surprise of the ride was bumping into fellow C & D Cycles rider, Iain Tingle.

I don't know why the strava map isn't showing it worked fine for the previous ride. UPDATE: it's a strava bug, some maps don't show, they're working on it!

The Triangular Lodge in the grounds of Rushton Hall. A famous piece of architecture and an example of a Catholic architectural statement and linked to the gunpowder plot , for more check English Heritage

The view from Cottingham, the road in the distance leads to Bringhurst, where I went earlier in the ride

OK so that's not a great pic of Rockingham Castle

Nor is that!
For better pictures of Rockingham Castle and a bit of history click here: It's not in Leicestershire...just so you know!

The river Welland between Lyddington and Gretton blocked my path and I'm not sure the two cars I saw go through were being that clever.

Another flood pic

Approaching Eyebrook Reservoir

Bit floody heading to Bringhurst but at least I could cross this one

Wet wet wet

Like me the swans are having fun!

The other good thing about today was that I outwaited the frost and got home before the wind and rain started again. I'm lucky I have an understanding wife!!!

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  1. It was truly a lovely surprise to bump into you out on the lanes.