Saturday, 18 January 2014

C&DCYCLES Shop Ride - Oundle Loop

Lots of these posts will be about the 'shop rides,' because they're fabulous, varied and possibly the thing I enjoy most about cycling. It's the wrong time of year for pictures and also the wrong ride. I couldn't ask the others to wait endlessly whilst I got some scenery shots so I'll direct you to appropriate places. Oundle is a beautiful market town and frankly a bit posh, have a look here Oundle Wikipedia page,. The rest of the ride took us through typical rolling countryside with villages on top of hills and church spires on every skyline. Check out some of these links if you want an idea of the places we rode through Warkton, Grafton Underwood, Brigstock, Aldwincle, Twywell.

There's a piece of history which dominates our route today and it's difficult as we enjoy a pleasant ride through the leafy lanes, past the village pubs and well maintained churchyards that this part of Northants had a major role in the WWII. Memorial at Gratfon Underwood, wiki RAF_Grafton_Underwood, RAF Grafton Underwood layout.

The other thing we're fairly blessed with in Northants is Country Parks. On this route we passed one of the lesser known gems in twywell-hills-and-dales.

Quick stop in Aldwincle. If you're into that sort of thing you'll notice a sign directing you to the Historic Church all-saints-church-aldwincle

Well earned cake back at the shop

Tea and cake is pretty much the staple diet  of the keen cyclist. Andy and Chris do us proud with the service at C&D providing us with free refreshments. We also chip in ourselves with the odd cake. It's the way it should be!

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