Friday, 3 January 2014

New Year's day Ride

Well I wanted to start the year as I meant to go on, so on a wet and windy New Year's Day my good friend Darren and I set out on a route I planned encompassing many of my favourite roads. Others were invited but a combination of the weather and late nights put them off. This is where rule #5 comes in. If you haven't read velominati - the rules well you should. I break many of them including having a saddle bag and a pump attached to my bike. Darren smashes the facial hair rule to pieces. Anyway a sanitised version of rule #5 is: Harden the flip up! However we did stick strictly to rule #9: If you are riding out in bad weather you are badass. Period.

The main points of this ride is to prove that Northants is not flat! In just 40 miles (oh dear that's rule #24 broken: Speeds and distances shall be referred to and measure in kilometres,) we climbed 2000ft. That might not be the Col de L'Alpe D'huez but it's enough test for my 43 year old legs. If I'd taken pics you may have seen some stunning scenery, however on that day it's more likely that my camera would have been more waterlogged than a bog snorkeller.

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