Saturday, 23 April 2016

St.Georges Saturday Shenanighans

Another Saturday another club ride. Today's route was requested by Andy Pendred as it was after-all St. George's Day and he also provided the cake. Andy P continued to be the man of the day by first providing the splendid name sticker for my Giant Propel. "Whanau," pronounced far-now and meaning 'extended family in Maori.

I opted for the banter bunch again this week and we were ably led by Ian with the novel idea of paper maps! Wow these contraptions require no power, are super light and conveniently fit in a jersey pocket. I wonder if they'll catch on? In the banter bunch was a lovely mix of riders with old, new and returning cyclists. It was especially to see the big lad Jonesy.

Jonesy and our leader Ian



Fast group riders going back the other way



Newbie Franco

The Banter Bunch

Same shot moments later

and again

and again

and again

A good ride was had by all in the banter bunch. Banter boy of the day accolade must go to Ashley, the lad dubbed 'Young Quintana,' by old Stuart. He feels the blog should emphasize the prowess of the banter bunch as a peloton magnifique. Hmmm...that might be stretching things Ash. We're certainly friendly, determined and inclusive.

Earlier in the week the forecast for today was light rain. That changed to sunshine by today but it was fiercely cold so I was kitted out in pretty much as much stuff as I wear on a bike. It was however stunningly beautiful out with Spring very much in evidence.

Due to that it took us considerably longer than the Fast Group to get back to the shop. We did see them at the little loop around Upper Dean and we also saw Justin who arrived late frantically trying to catch the quicks. 

As for my legs today they I felt great. Things are definitely getting better and my plan to ride in the fast group again in June looks on track.

A bike for the Queen of Cakes?

Back at the shop we had he usual coffee and cakes provided by Andy P. We also saw a masterclass in salesmanship as Andy F sold a super excited little girl her very first bike. I also spied the little beauty above and thought Mrs Lindsley would love that, especially the floral paniers!

Clive gets his D2D sticker

When I got home it was Clive's turn to get the Andy P treatment with this commemorative D2D sticker. Looks great Andy thanks! 

A quick shower and a bowl of soup I'd made before the ride this morning and I was out again.  Sam and I joined the Scouts in their annual litter pick around Rothwell. It's great to be part of a community project and I hope we inspire others to take more care of their environment.

That's it.
Happy Peddling

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