Sunday, 17 April 2016

Soulful Sunday and some other rides...

Having had four seasons in one day yesterday, starting and ending with snow, today was a much nicer day. I decided I just needed a ride,  a lovely gentle soon in the Spring sunshine. So I set off with no intention of looking at either my cadence or speed.

Soon in the journey I got to Harrington where the conditions made me feel a bit twitchy. I have form for coming off on ice and I suddenly wondered if the best bike was a good idea.

Ubiquitous phonebox shot

I really didn't need to worry because the rest of the ride looked like the picture above.  A beautiful
day.  Perfect for cycling.

It's a Gainsborough Sky Ted

Holcot causeway - Pitsford Reservoir

Plenty of other Lycra loonies out today and I spotted Bruce from C&D Cycles CC. He was getting a gel down him so I decided I'd have one too. I've never bought gels but I had one left over from a Sportive so I thought - why not?

I've been out a few times this week on the theory that several short rides are better than a couple of longer ones. It's been a case of 'up with the larks,' which if you haven't tried it, you're massively missing out. I love that time of day and couldn't resist the picture below. 

"Up with the sun and out with the larks,
The best time to ride is just after dark!"

Last Sunday I had a spin on the 29r. A completely unremarkable ride in itself but one that means a lot to me. The picture below shows where SuperSam and I used to stop to watch the trains. It's changed a lot in just a few years. The fence is new and there are now wind turbines in the distance. The biggest difference are the red kites and buzzards. It seems weird but they weren't there when we first rode that way.
Lots of change

The llamas are still there

I was amused in the week by an article "You know you're a cyclist when..." cycling weekly link

I can add a few to those as I wave at fellow cyclist whilst I'm driving my car, I plan routes based on wind direction and Strava segments and shock of shock when I see an attractive young lady on a bike my first thought is always "what bike are they on?"

I need to give a big shout out to the club riders who went out in the snow yesterday. Massive rule #9 kudos. I would've been one of those lycra loonies but my wife was on court duty. You'll be pleased to know that whilst you rode SuperSam was sailing at Pitsford. 

Finally the biggest kudos of the week goes to Heather Perry who not only braved the weather yesterday she completed a 192 mile Audax in it! GCN have their #wattagebazooka I'm going to award Heather the Richard's Cycling Blog #legsofsteel. Heather if you're reading this would make an excellent guest blog and if you took a year off work I'm sure you'd smash the record Kajsa Tylen is currently trying to set.

Happy Peddling

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