Sunday, 22 May 2016

Just ride!!! It's the answer to most of life's questions!

Lots of things have interfered with my riding lately and subsequently my blogging has been interfered with too. There's been overtime, the Queen of cakes  falling down the stairs accident and a host of other ride limiting factors. I have managed the odd morning ride but nothing that significant. Today however was different. Today was time to ride. Not many friends were available to ride with but I was joined for 46 very sociable miles by Kev.

The only downside to today's ride is that we found every single piece of recently resurfaced road in Northamptonshire. I hate riding on that gritty nonsense and at one point it gave Kev a phantom puncture. What's a phantom puncture you ask? Well we both heard a hissing noise come from his bike indicating instant deflation but neither of his tyres lost pressure! Very weird...stupid little stones!!!

That said we really did have a lovely ride on lovely roads. This was a route I've used before and I have to say I prefer going West or North from Kettering.

Highlights of today's ride include the hills into Spratton, East Farndon, Griffin Road out of Braybrooke and my regular training hill into Harrington. Two of those have been used as QOM segments in the Ladies Tour of Britain. Those are good for you mountain goats, for us downhill specialists a big shout goes out to Isaac Newton for inventing gravity because what goes up must come down. On this route was the wonderous downhill between Sibbertoft and Marston Trussel which was ruined by a van coming up the hill today. Also spoiled was downhill out of East Farndon due to horses on the road. I cant be too critical they're pursuing their hobby in the same way we pursue ours.

On that, there was a lot of fellow lycra loonies out today. We saw Nat out with a very serious looking group, They looked like great zipping past us! Also runners were everywhere. I do feel sorry for them and wonder if someone nicked their bike or if they just never learned to ride. I occasionally go for a ride myself but would never choose running over cycling.

There's a grand old smattering of history with Naesby being on the route. To sum up the importance of Naesby you could say this: The decisive battle of the English Civil War that led to England significantly influencing the establishment of modern democracy. So like big right! I like this website if you want to know more: I just find it weird to imagine such a big old kerfuffle going on in sleepy Northants. 

OK not much else to say, Hopefully this is the start of a bit more regular riding. I know the club have special plans for |Bank Holiday Monday.

Happy Pedaling

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