Saturday, 2 April 2016

Another Saturday, another great club ride...

The usual routine for planning and organising a club ride all takes place on Facebook. Most commonly someone puts a route together and shares this for everyone to follow. Unfortunately this was not the case today. Big Steve in his wisdom decided the route should be Clopton Reverse but being dystechnical the route exists only in his head. Never mind as a human sat nav he could explain it to me. Miraculously I translated: "grafton, effing Twywell road, dain the ill through b******* Thrapston, Clopton, no Titchmarsh, Clopton, over the #*@£$%&! A60 wotsitcalled, Achurch, past the historic church, past the non historic church back to the douchecanoe roundabout at Islip then back to the effing shop." By doing this, we in the banter bunch managed to do the same route as the fast group. The Prince of Profanity has many saving graces, he does plan lovely routes, it's just a shame he can't tell his arse from his elbow when it comes to technology.

It's a funny time of year weather wise and the mixture of shorts, longs, full fingered gloves, mitts, overshoes etc was quite interesting to behold. Coming from hardy stock I was in shorts, winter jersey, mitts and opted for no overshoes. This for me was plenty warm enough. However I have broken one of the 'rules.'
  1. Rule #27//
    Shorts and socks should be like Goldilocks.
    Not too long and not too short. (Disclaimer: despite Sean Yates’ horrible choice in shorts length, he is a quintessential hard man of cycling and is deeply admired by the Velominati. Whereas Armstrong’s short and sock lengths are just plain wrong.) No socks is a no-no, as are those ankle-length ones that should only be worn by female tennis players.
I am apparently a female tennis player! Until her ban for having "a poorly heart," I'd have opted to be Maria Sharapova erm...actually I'd stil like to be her thanks! Anyway I like ankle length socks and will wear them until it gets cold again! I overheard some comments about my attire on the ride and it wasn't until we were back at the shop that I got the full explanation. It appears that Tony said to Mick:
"You'd think if he can afford an expensive bike he can afford a pair of socks."
Well Tony, as you can't work the internet you won't read this but I do wear socks and their length is my business!

Even crazier than my socks is the choice of bike made by Glynn. Now he's an absolute specimen but surely an MTB is a big ask even for him! Erm...not so much, when Glynn left us at Clopton I was struggling to keep up with him!

It was a good ride from the whole banter bunch and we were back at the shop just after 11am.
As ever back at C&D Cycles we were well looked after with coffee and cake. There were also a few bits and bobs of equipment to gaze at. The lucky person picking up that Boardman they've just finished is getting a lovely bike.

That's it for now...
Happy Pedaling

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