Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Stunning Day with SuperSam

They say a picture tells a thousand words so today I'm going to use very few words and thousands of pictures. Sam and I had another great day out with a ride around Fineshade Woods and then over the road to the bigger boy trails at Wakerley. Both these Forestry Commission facilities have featured in my blog before and if you want a bit of off road action without leaving the county, this is as good as it gets.

What a handsome boy in his C&D Cycles CC club jersey

No trip to Fineshade is never complete without a climb in the treehouse

Into Wakerley

Looking Good

Getting better at the hills


The tracks were a bit muddy

Did I mention the stunning day?

Oh OK yes it was a stunning day!

Good handling skills and no falls.

All finished with a well earned hot chocolate!

Sam was excellent today. After his crash last times he was naturally a bit nervous and to be fair he did look out for his previous crash site. However he got over that and then really enjoyed himself. My Strava is interesting because I have a load of PR's. There's only one explanation for that. Sam is getting quicker.

Now you have to be careful what you say to kids because they tend to remember better than adults. Apparently I said 10 year old Sam would be ready for Wakerley when he is 15. Got that wrong didn't I. What I'm really hoping is my Sam keeps biking with me and when he's 15 we'll be off for days at Cannock Chase or somewhere like that.

There's video footage too but no time as yet to do any editing. I might let the young master himself do that bit. Back to work tomorrow - boo - but only two days and it's the weekend again - hooray!

Happy Pedaling!

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