Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Ride to point look out straddie plus strava fail!

Check out my 16.5 mi Ride on Strava:

OK so this is the ride to point lookout on straddie.  Well it would be if strava wasn't being a dick. I want expecting this but I have observed rule14and been a bad ass in bad weather.  Ride London pah! The practised route to the ferry was a breeze, the (boat) ride over to the island was smooth as but ominous clouds over the island were a warning. In short it was a bit dark over Bruce's mother's. 

What a ride though.  Very moist with roads turning to rivers and some good hills. I have to say the journey back might be testing because I had some good descents. 

Claudius once again proved a worthy companion and flip me the rabbits are big round here!

Well that's it for now I'm hoping for a bit of exploration this week so look out for more oz bike blogging. 

Happy pedalling

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