Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Return from Straddie

They say a picture tells a thousand words so this will be short and sweet and then a load of pictures of my new favourite place. I left the superb fishes at the point cafe on Claudius at 12:30 knowing I needed to make the 20km ride to Dunwich in time for the 14:00 ferry. Easy you'd think. However, it was hot, dry, windy, I was on a heavy mountain bike and the first 9km are pretty much up hill. I did make it though, in plenty of time in fact by 13:35. The 35 min ferry ride was not the best things for me legs and the dreaded cramp struck when I got back on Claudius in Cleveland. I also took no risks with Strava so I kept it on for the ferry ride, I'm not in any challenges this month so it's not really cheating, in case anyone is wondering there are also no ferry segments! Pictures shortly but I'll end n this: as I left Straddie I knew it was only fair well, not goodbye!

Ok I didn't take this one but we did see whales from our apartment balcony

Waves on main beach

Main beach from North gorge - it's 32km long!

North Gorge

Sunset over cylinder beach

Dolphins who came to say hello whilst we were fishing

Sook it's not pics of the cycling. To give you an idea the island only has flat beaches. Everything else is up or down. The roads are relatively quiet which is good because they're not really there for cyclists. I did read warnings about heavy vehicles due to mining but I did see this as an issue. Like the rest of Oz it was utes and 4wd.

The big story was the wildlife. As well as whales and dolphins we saw a seal, turtles, rays, big shoals of fish, kangaroos, a massive colony of bats and lots of interesting birds including my favourite the Brahminy Kite. 

Not the best cycling I ever done but definitely the best place I've ever cycled.

Happy pedalling

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