Friday, 25 March 2016

Good Friday!

Today was a stunning day to be out and about in the countryside. Rumour has it the rest of the Easter weekend will not be this nice. That's a shame but at least we had today! I woke feeling better than I have for weeks and the first silly thought I had was that I would be tip top to join the C&D Cycles CC Long Good Friday ride. I'm sure I haven't quite got 80 miles in my legs so to avoid that thought growing I started cooking. Soup was made and tonight's Gammon joint was roasted. After that I hadn't got time to make it to the shop and the silly notion passed. I still feel like I missed out because they appear to have had an excellent ride. Oh well, another time!

Going solo wasn't such a bad thing though. The ubiquitous phone box shot tells a bit of a story. It wasn't warm but for the first time in ages there was no need for a base layer or overshoes. Towards the end I think I could have got away with cycling mitts too.

Look at that! Like I said, a lovely day for a bike ride. I was happy in my cycling too. I think I'm a few weeks away from fitness but the chest pain has gone and it wasn't just granny ring and hang on for every climb.

Whatever the weather I'm looking forward to getting out with the club tomorrow for the all important Saturday shop ride. 

There was only one niggle on the ride and that was a mystery rattle coming from my front wheel. As with many things in life I like to catastrophise and I'd imagine all sorts of expensive scenarios up to and including a Giant recall. The truth however will be explained in the video below...

The outdoor fun wasn't over though! The day was too good to waste. So Mrs Lindsley, the Queen of Cakes, and I took the dogs up to Weekly Woods for a very pleasant wander.

It's a little known fact that the only reason I've no beaten Andy Brown's KOM for the Weekly Woods lap is all the dog walkers. I've been flying round there at times and little foofoo meanders obliviously across my path. Well if you can't beat them, join them! I expect the despicable Mr Brown just left a trail of canine devastation in his wake...

I treated my loverlee wife to a well earned Starbucks whilst the dogs carefully monitored the traffic situation.

I now feel duty bound to report the most hideous safeguarding issue in the Glendon area. Not only are they politically incorrect in their labeling of children but it's a fact, according to Lee, that all those slow children are locked behind that little door. They are also fed through that hatch disguised as a diamond plate post box. Still nothing we can do about it is there so never mind eh...oh erm...I'm not sure what was in her Honey Machiatto (I do not recommend those!)

Meanwhile back at Lindsley Home Sweet Home the dogs and Mrs Lindsley are having a snooze. Too much fresh air.

Happy Pedaling (and other outdoor based activities!)

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