Sunday, 9 August 2015

Strange Sunday, really missed Steve

I'm not entirely sure what's gone on but there appears to have been a falling out overnight. That's right there is trouble in my cycling paradise. So instead of the usual merry band led by the capable Steve it was just Ken, Neil and I that set off from C&D Cycles for a Sunday spin. Ken is one of the nicest blokes you'll ever meet and as a fellow double centurion D2Der we share a common bond. Neil is, I think, my friend in real life but not on social media. Anyway there were never going to be issues for tissues with this trio.

Having lost our leader we quickly negotiated a plan to make use of one of Neil's old training routes. It suited Ken and I because we liked the sound of going through some of Northants prettier bits by heading West. 

Before heading off we were talking all things bike and I looked on enviously at Neil's Giant Propel. At which point he told me that the bike of my dreams had been sold and Ken told me that it had been reduced to that unbelievable price moments after we'd set off to France. Well, well, well I thought. Someone is winding me up here, I'm just not sure who yet!

 We set off through some glorious countryside with me being towed along by these marvelous chaps. To be honest I was relieved it was just us. A few weeks off the bike has really robbed my strength and I was still knackered from a pretty sedate Saturday ride the day before.

As per usual we encountered plenty of other road users. There were joggers (who rarely smile,) fellow lycra loonies (who usually smile,) cars (just miserable and inpatient,) and of course horse riders (normally the most cheerful of the lot.) We even saw some fellow C&Ders on route.

 As we cruised through Scaldwell it struck me once again that it was a cat 4 climb that never makes sense because as hills go it really is quite gentle. We then went down that monster in Brixworth before Ken and Neil blowing me away up the hill through Creaton. As we headed to Naesby and up what I feel is one of the hardest hills in Northants, Neil and Ken took it easy on me. I wish they hadn't! I would much rather have been left behind than be hanging like a dog as they had a pleasant chat without a noticeable increase in their breathing rate. That's them wandering off in the distance in the picture above, probably discussing what a nice view it was.

Having told us how great electronic shifting is it was nice to see Neil's chain come off. Even nicer that I managed to catch up and get it on camera!

Out of the historic village of Naesby we whipped down another hill I usually go up, past Fairfax's view and the monument etc. We then turned towards Kelmarsh and my legs just died on a really easy hill. The warning twinges that preempt cramp were there to see and once again I was thankful it was a gentler Sunday ride than normal. I've heard it takes 12 weeks to get fit and 2 weeks to lose it. Clearly my recent activity and eating habits have taken their toll. On holiday we played football and cricket and went swimming everyday. We also had a two hour surfing lesson which showed why surfers are in great shape. I also consumed way too much Brittany Cidre so I guess they cancelled each other out. Anyway, the only way to be fit for cycling is to keep cycling. I was telling the others about that magical Brittany brew and the strange tradition of drinking it from teacups so there's some pics to give you an idea.

I'm off to scout camp on Saturday and won't return until the following Saturday so it's another couple of weeks without club rides for me. I will however try to live a bit more healthy. I said fairwell to Ken and Neil in Rothwell and left my tenner to pay club fees with them. I hope Ken has the afternoon he was talking about it sounds great! Mine should also be good as I get a recovery Sunday lunch at Mum's, get some of my Dad's Kingsthorpe cider in a proper pint pot and get to discuss the humiliation of the Aussies with my Pap.

Happy Pedaling

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