Sunday, 30 August 2015

Rothwell to Northampton via the Brampton Valley Way with SuperSam

This morning Sam and I rode the 15miles to Northampton for the UK's best Sunday lunch. We've done this ride before but it still remains a challenge for a ten year old. It started with the climb up the hill to Orton which Sam couldn't quite manage but to his credit he got a lot further than before.  It's a breeze after that with a fun downhill section through Draughton before picking up the Brampton Valley Way. On the way to Draughton I took Sam to two geocaches. The first is a bolt in a road barrier and the second is the pine cone pictured. We also found the ammo case on the bvw where I left the travel bug from Australia. All good stuff for quick breaks and keeping Sam motivated.

On the way I reflected once again on how fortunate my kids are.  Sam is only a week back from an amazing as scout camp and this week he's been tobogganing in Milton Keynes, sailing at Pitsford and bike ride today. Not a bad life is it? 

The other way we're fortunate is that the Brampton valley way is a tremendous cycling resource. Next time we'll go to mkt Harborough first and complete the whole route. 

The last thing to say is that this is the most important thing to me on cycling. I love helping Sam on his bike and I look forward to the day he can join us on a club ride. I bet he's no older than 14 before he's showing us how it's done. 

Ready for the off

Selfie with Sam Photobomb

Stop at the Lamport carpetbaggers war memorial

ooh what's this

My goodness a geocache

On the BVW at the old Draughton/Maidwell Station

Happy Pedaling!

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