Saturday, 8 August 2015

First ride in a while...

Clive all prepped and loaded with special blue product

After a three week lay off it was great to be back on my bike and even better to be back out with C&D Cycles CC. Today's route was put together by our very own Andy who then went on to lead the obsessed with speed group. Jonesy led the sensible group and I brought up the rear.

On the way out of K-town

Lovely day

Conditions were near perfect for cycling so in true British fashion we moaned about it being too hot. I coped with the heat by consuming copious quantities of special blue product, the jelly beans took a hammering too. The route was good but not my favourite. I prefer to go North or West when we head south east it always seems to get a bit urban. However we did go through the cultural epicentre that is Raunds.
Mark had a mishap


In Rushden we stopped at some lights and Mark decided to use island bollard to lean on meaning he could stay clipped in. The bollard though had other ideas, it gave way and Mark had a comedy tumble, As is customary in these circumstances sympathy was handed out in small proportions and mickey taking led the way. As is also customary we all asked if his bike was OK!

Now I'm just being teased

On return to the shop it was membership time and people were happily parting with £10. That's exceptional value to be part of our great club. Chris also replaced yet another shoddy pair of altura gloves (never again,) which was very kind. Then I noticed the bike with my name on it has been reduced by £400! They really are teasing me now.

Lots of things happened during the last three weeks. Holiday food and drink have piled the pounds back on. It's not quite as bad as my return from Oz but a few weeks of self control and back to using myfitnesspal are in order. In that time Chris Froome won a second Tour de France and today England regained the Ashes from a dismal Australia just before the football season kicked off. In Rugby the warm up matches start today leading up to the 2015 RWC. So there's lots going on.

Well I'm off to recover well. For tomorrow it's a mystery tour with Steve. I'll need strong legs!

Happy Pedalling

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