Saturday, 27 June 2015

Saturday club ride with C&D Cycles

I was awake at 4am this morning worried there was something I should be doing...oh yeah D2D was last week, go back to sleep. I can't believe it's been a week since our epic ride, however another Saturday means a club ride and on a glorious day weather-wise, it really would be RUDE no to.

Today was another Andy Brown route and as usual it involved all the hills he could cram in. Before that though we had to get out of K-town and even before that Andy F (the dark lord, our super helpful C&D Cycles manager,) needed to give Clive some much needed tlc. The front wheel was wonky, the rear had a loose spoke and then needed straightening...all done in a jiffy, as a club we are spoiled!

Two groups left the shop. Andy B led the quickies who are starting to looking semi pro and Andy B led the banter bunch. I opted for the latter due to the hilly route and well I'm sure those 204 miles last week earn me an easier life. Then we set off. Out of Kettering and right through Geddington we never dipped below 20mph, Andy seemed to have forgotten which group he was leaving or was still reliving his epic TT on Thursday and we passed the quickies who were having a mechanical. It was nice to get a crack on but that pace really wasn't realistic for the banter bunch and thankfully things calmed down...for a bit!

Stunning day out

Handsome chaps

Welland Owd - The largest brick built viaduct in the galaxy

Some of this route had a familiar feel, especially that slog from Harringworth into Gretton. Unfortunately this week there was no tea and brioche at chez Preston. On the way from Gretton to Rocky Hill we passed the quickies again with puncture problems. Then onto the beast that is the latest Northants Hill to feature as a QOM. I'm well pleased to set a PR on Rocky Hill today. No KOM's were harmed in the making of this video!

The problem, as I have often said with Rocky Hill, is that it comes out on the Corby Ring Road. We headed down to the BP roundabout and then turned right towards Cottingham onto the A427 which is a very fast road. We weren't on it for long but needless to be say some very irresponsible motorists completely misunderstood their rights under the highway code and treated us as if we were a nuisance to their day. I hope the fact their saving of microseconds was worth risking my life for. Video footage available below!

With the dramas over we caught up with the quickies again with another puncture! I think it was the same tyre but Andy was once again on a mission and we blasted past the fast group because the little boy in us demands it. From there we tried to catch them again at Pipewell before deciding to act our age and ride more sensibly. The upshot is I have a hatful of PR's today and feel my legs had a good workout. No idea what tomorrow holds but as ever I really can't wait!

Happy pedaling

ps Mark I decided not to mention your incredibly feminine sneeze, it felt a bit mean to bring it up...oh!

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