Friday, 19 June 2015

Aviva Women's Tour 2015

It was with massive excitement that the 2015 Women's Tour came through the County today and to be fair it passed within 100 metres of my house! As light duties are required today I decided to watch the tour come through Rothwell and then ride over to see the finish in Kettering. That was a great decision because the atmosphere was amazing in Rothwell and how many times in my life will a major sporting event go by my house? The school kids did a great job and the police motorcyclists were excellent entertainment. Don't take my word for it watch the video!

Rothwell gets the tour

After the tour had been through Mark and I cycled over to Kettering for the finish. Again it was an amazing atmosphere and really well organised. Kudos to the tour and K-Town for putting something this good together. Resultt of the day belongs to Frank who rode over from Corby with World Champion Marriane Vos. Marriane who won last years Tour but was unable to take part this year has been working for ITV4 but was doing some recon work for her team on segments of the ride. She'd ridden to Rocky Hill with another cycling friend Simon and he got Frank to join the gang. I'm watching the highlights to see if she mentions our C&D Cycles CC riders.

Big Steve asuhnuhat

Busy busy

I wish I still had my Raleigh Chopper

Classic bikes

more classic bikes

Waiting for the riders

View of the finish

Another pink bike outside the florist

Frank and his new best mate Marriane Vos!

This is them on Gypsy Lane!


What a brilliant day! If you ever thought, whats the point it's over in seconds...well it was but I found it magical. The pace and power of these professional cyclists is something to be in awe of. The average 40kph, that's 24mph. I can't imagine being that fit. This was top quality sport and another example of why more needs to be done to promote women's sports. If you get he chance watch the women's football world cup, it's great. Or watch superleague netball on Sky Sports. There's a lot to see!

Last shout out of the day goes to Andy who is very pleased with his excellent club right now!

Would just like to say thank you to all those that helped today at the women's tour. It was great to have such an active role in the biggest thing that has come to Kettering by far. But it was also fantastic to put the club on the map a little more, since first this morning messages have been popping up on my phone seeing us all in different places of Northants in our club kit, so we'll done to all of you, I now intend to sit back and soak up the rest of the day.... Proud of every single one of you! It takes a fair bit of organising week in week out but today was so worth it.



OK that's it, I have a little ride tomorrow I might do some video and pictures and stuff and cobble a blog together...when I've recovered! Mum and Dad are in full swing getting our support vehicle 'the Mobile Meth Lab,' ready for tomorrow. Looks like they will do us proud and Dad has prepared some special blue product.

Heissenberg's special blue product

Happy pedaling

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