Sunday, 7 June 2015

Great week of cycling

I'm getting pestered! Where's the blog? Well calm down here it is! Three rides this week and I loved every minute on my bike. Cycling makes me smile. I ride along grinning like a Cheshire cat, I'm sure I look quite mad to passing miserable motorists!

Regular readers have seen this route before as it's just my usual morning quick spin. Too quick this week as I headed back into Rothwell I felt very disappointed it was over for the day. However as people have been pointing out, it's only two weeks until riding all day will be a necessity rather than a desire.

Our Saturday club ride had a different start and finish point due to the shop having a stand at Kettfest. What fest I hear you ask? Well yes that's a bit of an issue. Kettering set up this amazing weekend of events Kettfest2015. However if it wasn't for Andy I wouldn't have known about it and most of the people I talked to hadn't got a clue either.

Andy set up the C&D Cycles stall next to Cycle Northants which seemed appropriate. I arrived quite early for me to show willing and support the club but this was a mistake. The stall was in the shade and a bit of a wind tunnel and it was freezing by the time we set off, in one big group, for a variation of our regular Pitsford loop.

Steve led the ride and Rich did the tail-gunning duties. With a large mixed group it's always difficult and some of the quicker lads ended up going the wrong way and eventually ending up back in Kettering after us plodders had arrived. Back at the stall we were treated to a plethora of cake options, so a big thanks to the bakers: Heather, Mrs Smith and my very own Queen of cakes.

Andy and Chris setting up

Lycra loonies gathering

Cycle Northants human powered music

Handsome chaps

I stalked the cycling mascot

I even managed a bit of video this week

Saturday's remain the most important club ride of the week but for me Sunday's are the most rewarding. Steve plans cracking routes and today's did not disappoint. Usually it's a small group so everyone gets a mention but today we were in double figures. I'm used to being the weakest rider on a Sunday, something I'm OK with, I just aim to keep up for as long as possible as Sunday regulars such as Steve, Nat and Neil smash out a relentless pace. Today was no different but I felt I was keeping up a bit better than usual. At fifty miles I checked my average and it was 17.2mph, not that exceptional for others but that's actually brilliant for me. I was tempted to stop Strava there and then. Perhaps I should have done because back at the shop was 60 miles and I'd dropped to 16.2mph. I did stop Strava then because I knew after tea and cake my legs always tighten and those 6 miles home would completely wreck my average. I also indulged in a bit of segment hunting on my target segment, Lamby Dodger. I set a PR of 28 seconds to record a joint fastest time this year but at 12th place I still have work to do to achieve my goal of a top ten. I've noticed that the 'other' C&DCC Rich is in at 5th but for my age group I'm 4th and for my weight group I'm top! Not that I'm obsessed or anything.  segment link

The route today took us to places less often travelled with great names such as Dungee Lane and beautiful places such as Olney, Lavendon and Harrold but today I'm going to feature Cogenhoe. Non locals have just read cog-en-hoe, the poshest or people might say coh-gen-hoe but they're all wrong because it's 'kook-no.' Yeah we like to mess visitors around in Northamptonshire with our Isham's and Towcester's but I have to say Cogenhoe is the king of ridiculous spelling in Northants. I've known how to say it all my life because my Dad grew up there and it's where my Nan and Granddad lived. If you're interested here's more info on Cogenhoe and where the bizarre spelling comes from wiki link my favourite Cogenhoe fact is that former Blue Peter presenter Peter Purves used to live there.

Many senses were challenged on the ride. It was a beautiful sunny day and Northants looked amazing. Emotionally it just felt like a great day to ride. One sense that was challenged heavily was smell. Coming out of Rushden our noses were assaulted by the chicken processing factory, it was really quite hideous. Steve described it as 'like a prostitute's gear box!' He has a special way with words. Luckily it wasn't long before we reached Burton Latimer which always smells nice because Weetabix is made there. Glynn was responsible for assaulting my senses on two counts. Firstly the poor bloke has a broken nose and sniffed round the whole ride, we discussed how Breathe-Right-Nasal-Strips might help so there's a link for you Glynn. I suspect you can do better elsewhere at that price. The next thing he did is a heinous crime under the Velominati rules of cycling as he wore a sleeveless jersey. Pictures to follow (sorry Glynn) People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones though, as I was assaulting all around me with my hayfever induced snot rockets. Apologies to everyone but it's gotta go somewhere! Finally I'm sorry to all for my continual singing of Taylor Swift's 'Shake it Off.' I'd only just this minute got it out of my head and then it came on the telly!!!! Arrrggghhh shake it off!

Great group riding

They had a bad day...Alfa Romeo :/

Quick Stop

I love a good war memorial

Broken down steam engine, driver underneath...


The offending sleeveless garment

I really did dawdle home!

Right that's it for my cycling this week but I'm currently really excited about tonight's Hour record attempt by Sir Bradley Wiggins. As I type this I'm sat in my Wiggo t-shirt. For those who don't know see below.

Happy Pedaling

Ooops sorry Steve!

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