Saturday, 12 December 2015

Shivery Soggy Saturday Club Ride

The weather forecast for today was wet and cold so the wiser cyclist would have dusted down the turbo trainer or rollers, stuck on some tunes and stayed inside. Well no one has ever accused the hardy souls of C&DCCC of being sensible so obviously we went for ride.

Not really riding weather

You'll note my technology challenges have improved as there is a ride to show you but not resolved as I did this today and not as Strava claims on Thursday night! I left my phone at work, I can't trust my cateye stealth (don't buy one they're rubbish,) and so today's data was provided by my Garmin virb. The file on the virb has the correct time and date so I have no idea what happened in the transfer to Strava.

Lets not muck about here. It was cold and wet. Horrible cycling weather. I loved it! However I couldn't ride in this every day. We picked a well known and easy route because it didn't need to be any more difficult.

Raindrops on the lens...

Damp, damp, damp

Murky winter day

Steve looks imperious, he didn't five seconds earlier when he fell off his bike whilst stationary

Not a lot to say about the ride other than rules #5 and #9 were observed. All of my equipment failed after about 5 miles. My waterproof gloves were soaked, my water proof socks were holding the water in and my shower jacket was holding up a white flag. Back at the shop a disheveled bunch of lycra loonies forlornly wrung out bits of clothing.

C&D now stock bikes for hobbits like Frank

Mrs Lindsley provided the cake

One consolation today was cake by my wife, the queen of cakes. It was too very popular choices with coffee and walnut and my very favourite 'Guinness,' cake. This cake is actually made with my very own stout as opposed to Dublin's finest and the recipe comes from domestic goddess Nigella Lawson.

Exquisite taste

Leaving the shop in soggy cold clothes was tough, I limped home. Back at Lindsley Home Sweet Home, Christmas is in full swing. The Queen of cakes goes to town and another magnificent tree graces our bay window,

Tomorrow we're going mudbashing off road. I can't wait. Best get carb loading then!

Happy Pedaling.

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