Friday, 25 December 2015

Christmas Day Ride

Merry Christmas everyone. Mine is going splendidly so far. More presents than I deserve because I've already had the best present ever in my beautiful Giant Propel. Because my wife bought me a bike I bought her one back. Looks good doesn't it!

I managed to get a few miles in this week with three commutes, The first of which led to the great trouser trauma where I arrived at work to discover I had my much slimmer son's trousers which look very similar to mine. His are a 30" waist and as a consequence I couldn't get them up over my athletic cycling thighs. Oh well it certainly gave everyone at work a laugh.

I managed to get a few miles in today too! I didn't risk my best bike though as the pictures will show the roads are filthy. They might be bearable to ride with the right kit on but my Garmin virb objects and takes rubbish pictures. Anway they do prove I wasn't the only Lycra Loony out today.

I was trying to get a snap of the MAMIL behind the car but I suspect the motor is also a Christmas present because a nervous youth was behind the wheel, L plates on and a bloke I presume was his Dad pointing at stuff. Enjoy it young man and remember to be kind to cyclists.

It's a real shame this picture is so poor. It was clearly a bloke on his Christmas present wearing his brand new cycling clothes. His smile was as wide as any I've seen so he was obviously enjoying himself. I also met some jolly joggers and got wished Merry Christmas by dog walkers. The funniest thing I saw was a white Mercedes flash past. It was filthy and some cheeky wag had written on the bumper: "I wish my wife was this dirty!" I hope it's ages before he notices.

Finally in Old I met Santa walking through the village ringing a bell. He was stopping at each house and waving at the kids. What a great idea.

Merry Christmas and a Happy Pedaling New Year

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