Sunday, 12 July 2015

From Rothwell to Brigstock Country Park with Sam

What a difference the right time of year makes! I tried to do this route with Sam in February 2014 and it was a disaster! February 2014 Mudfest! So it was with some reservation that Sam agreed to attempt this route again. One of the big things to say is that it's really improved, not just because we've had a good dry spell but also because the Boughton Estate have graveled roads that were previously just mud-tracks. Sam rode really well on what can be quite challenging terrain. He made a rookie error of trying to put his feet down when being bounced off rocks and he paid for this by smashing his cadooberries into his handlebar stem. To Sam's credit he got back on and he learned from this by picking better line but also sorting wobbles out without taking his feet off the pedals.

On the road out of Rothwell

Cycle path at Glendon Industrial Estate

For the amusement of others

Heading into Weekly Woods

Lovely new gravel road on the Boughton Estate

Into Geddington

Heading up to the cross


Looking back at the ford

Sam finds a Maserati

More info

Jelly beans and juice at the cross

Geddington Chase

Pedaling hard

Tree stop plus a geocache stop

Much more fun in the dry

Well earned hot chocolate

Shortly after this pic was taken Sam and I had to run for cover as the heavens opened. Lucky for us our ride was done for the day. He's asked when he will be able to join C&DCCC I said by about 14, the way he's going it may be a lot sooner!

Happy Pedaling

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