Sunday, 19 April 2015

What a difference a week makes...

Last week I was all doom and gloom. I wondered where my cycling was going and how on earth I'd be ready for our 200 mile challenge in June. I was hating every pedal turn and the harder I tried the worse I seemed to get. Then I watched this...

This is stuff I've always known. I even use this phrase every day at work:

"It doesn't matter how it is, it only matters how you feel about it."

How very very clever of me. It took watching this for me to realise it was about time I stopped saying clever things and started to feel them! Since then my whole outlook has changed, the smile is back on my face and I've fallen back in love with cycling.

So here's this weeks cycling.

On Thursday I managed to drag myself out of bed to enjoy an early morning ride. I doubt drag will be a future description because I rediscovered the sheer bliss of those early morning quiet roads. There is no better time of day to ride and unlike my recent rides I felt really strong. These will be a regular feature from now on.

On Saturday we were treated to a cracking route by Andy Brown. The scenery was stunning, the uphills were testing, some good descents for us downhill specialists and some lovely rolling county lanes. Having looked at the route I voluntered for the beginner group, which was nothing of the sort. The only thing that might slow us down was that Mark had to use his MTB because the road bike was getting some TLC from Andy in the shop. However Mark pretty much kept up until the last few miles so there was no need to worry. Unfortunately we lost Michael in Naesby. He checked the route with me and then headed off ahead of the group to stop for an al fresco piddle. Well we never passed him and despite waiting for ten minutes in Cottersbrokke he never caught us up. I'm looking forward to discovering where he ended up.

With such a positive Saturday ride, I could not wait to get out again this morning. Ably led by an 'on his best behaviour,' Steve a select group of us gathered at the shop, including:

Nat 'not in pink tights-Queen of all the Mountains,'
Chris 'Got a hot date,'
Rob 'who also wonders where Michael went,'
Neil 'Oooh look at my new bike,'
Ollie 'who is unconvinced about getting a carbon upgrade.'

Neil's shiny Giant Propel

We all chuckled at the bird poo additions and the fact he needs blue drinks to match

The ride was in the most part very good indeed. Great company, exceptional banter and top notch group riding. My attitude switch was tested by this group of strong riders and it stood that test. When I got behind I just smiled and tried harder and on some hills I actually started laughing. In Gretton we passed a feed station for the Action Medical Research sportive. They wanted us to stop but we were kind enough not to help ourselves to some free gels, then as we went past they started yelling for us to go right an got in quite a state when we just kept going! Into the last 5th of the ride Chris and I got held up at a roundabout and then couldn't quite close the gap to the others, they waitied for us, we went the wrong ay and then we were in front of them! So I got back the shop first a bit confused. Apparently we jsut needed to go round one more corner!

Mozart looks on in Gretton

On route we discussed how us 40 somethings (Not Nat she's not old like us,) benefit from cycling. Apparently it makes us younger. When I pointed out my Helmet makes me look younger it was taken the wrong way by the smutty buffoons. I just meant you couldn't see my rapidly balding head under my Kask lid.

OK so the main points are. Watch that video it will change your life. I have my mojo back and I can't wait for my next ride!

Happy Pedalling

ps I still want this bike

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